Hey! I'm just a girl with some big dreams and a few problems to match. I've got a crazy family and a crazy life.

Trying to get back into a workout routine. I’ve felt so slow and tired lately. I think it’s because I’ve been stagnant and doing most things in my bed.

It’s time to get into the habit and put some pep back in my step!

Christmas Shopping

I’m pretty much done with my Christmas shopping. Is it too early to be done with that?

I’m the best pseudo-sister-in-law ever! #birthday #sister #family #marriage #presents

I’m the best pseudo-sister-in-law ever! #birthday #sister #family #marriage #presents

My future family!

Just bought my pseudo-future-sister-in-law a birthday present for her 10th birthday. She’s really my older sister’s future sister-in-law, but I like the idea of having a little little sister that I can pamper and spoil and teach the ways of ladyhood. I bought her some girly nail polish and a matching nail file, just a little intro to girly things.

I’m also pretty excited to have a big brother-in-law, and his brothers, to add to our family. I’ve never had a brother, and now I’m kinda gonna have 3 (pseudo).

It’s also nice that there are people whose families are just as screwed up and confusing as mine. My sister’s kids are going to have to explain to people why they have an aunt who’s Malaysian, just as we’ve had to explain to people how we have 2 aunts that are Chinese and younger than us. Why we have 3 sets of grandparents. Why we have so many great grandparents. Why our family is so big and complicated.

I’m so ready for a relationship. I think I’m in a good place with my body and my mind. The only problem is that I’m in a time in my life where it’d be stupid to get into a relationship.

I’m in my, hopefully. last year of undergrad and everyone here is like 20 years younger than me. I’m hopefully going to move and start my life with a job and stuff. Last year I was at home, but I knew that was only temporary. So trying to get into a relationship only to have to become a long distance relationship would be stupid.

So it really wouldn’t make sense to start seriously dating until I graduate and start a career.

I guess until then, I’ll just eat lots of junk food and cuddle with Netflix.